Trending Tuesday – Blush and Black

blush and black

Hello blog world! It sure has been a LONG hiatus with developing an e-commerce site and although my site is still getting all fancied up, it was time to live a little and take it off of maintenance mode.

I’m kicking off the first week of December with a series that I like to call, “Trending Tuesday”. It’s a series designed to showcase a color pallet each week that I feel is trending or that I simply am smitten with at the moment.

First up is Blush and Black because the Palm Beach Parties new branding style is going back to the roots of Palm Beach, and blush and black (along with gold) just happen to be big island favorites. I love the classic style of these two colors when paired together. They are not only classy and sophisticated, but timeless.

blush and black - Palm Beach Parties

As you can see from the lovely photo on the left (wink-wink), this is the Palm Beach Parties new signature stationery set. That’s right! Every order that is shipped from the studio receives a pretty handwritten thank you note written on these beauties. I am swooning over the use of this lovely pallet not only for a romantic wedding (with all those ruffles…L.O.V.E) but with this sofa. Had my office been tucked away in all four walls and not in the heart of our home, this pretty would be must!

Blush and Black - Palm Beach Parties

Every week I will be taking you into the daily transitions of each color pallets.

First up is Daytime Playtime, and for the record this category will always have ballet flats. I’m a Mama, and running after two kids all day, I require something a bit more comfy and pretty! Love the jeans paired with a pretty top and a statement necklace, perfect for running errands or surprising the girls’ at school for lunch.

Office Chic is a category that I an way out of the lop on. I haven’t really been in the office setting since having kids (so grateful for that), so pardon me if I’m posting last season’s style. 😉 I loved comfort and style at the office and slacks and a comfy blouse work perfectly together. Throw on the jacket and you’re good to go for a day at the office, take off the jacket and your ready for cocktails!

Nothing says Dinner and Drinks more that a cute clutch and sexy heals. The black top in this set bring in a bit more sophistication when paired with the playful blush jeans.

What little girl hasn’t dreamt of twirling around in a fancy tutu? Who says you can’t keep twirling once your grown?  I honestly think that every girl should own (and wear) a pretty long tutu because it’s fun being fancy once in a while. Oh, and I would totally rock a big bun for this style.

Thanks for reading Trending Tuesday. Check back next week for another pallet.





  1. Where could you find a blush tutu skirt like that? I love the combination! So classic.

    • Hi Kaylin,

      I found this skirt HERE
      That said it is sold out :(
      I have seen similar styles in the past at Anthropologie and ModCloth.

      Hope that helps

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