Wrap it up!

I LOVE giving pretty packages and honestly who doesn’t love getting something pretty.  I feel that pretty packaging makes all the difference when giving a gift. I love the simplicity of plain paper, white or natural, and using creative elements (such as ribbon, candy, tree trimmings) to dress them up. Sometimes the patterned papers can take away from the beauty of the package.

Here are a few simple but oh so pretty wrapping ideas for anyone on your Christmas list this year!

Merry Christmas and happy wrapping,





  1. These are beautiful! Will you come and wrap for me…it’s my least favorite part of the holidays. I always put it off until the very end and do it all in one night, while sipping on the traditional holiday drink , Bailey’s on ice, of course! ;-)

  2. I loved these wrappings too!

    You have a pretty blog!

    Debbie–Party Patisserie

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